Our Featured Artist Program here at Twisted Olive



Chef Steve and his wife Sherri are avid supporters of local artists in the Lehigh Valley as they showcase different artists work on the walls of their restaurant.  This allows the artist a canvas, so to speak, to showcase their artwork for the Twisted Olive diners.


                Should a dining guest be interested in purchasing a particular piece of artwork we connect the diner to the artist.  This arrangement is a benefit to Chef Steve and Sherri, the artist and of course our dining guests.


                So stop by for an incredible dining experience, and take a look at our artists work.  You may just end up with a wonderful piece of artwork for your home or office!


Our Current Artist is...



Nature is the main muse of Mandy Martin's acrylic paintings, which feature bold botanicals and bright color palettes. She practices intuitive painting, and her work explores layers of texture, rhythm and movement as she interprets it in the natural world. It is her hope that her work will inspire viewers to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unexpected places, and to take care of the earth.


Mandy's striking acrylic paintings are available online as well as at select shows and exhibitions in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, where many of her collectors reside. She works in her home studio in Sellersville.


Follow Mandy on Instagram: @Mandy Martin


Previous Artists



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